Syrian revolution and opposition forces express their commitment to the Syrian unity 3

الخميس 1437/2/28 هـ الموافق 2015/12/10 م واس
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The participants called upon the United Nations and the international community to force the Syrian regime implementing procedures for confirming goodwill before starting the negotiating process.
The participants stressed their adherence to the application of the transition provisions in Syria in accordance with "Geneva 1", especially the special item regarding establishment of a transitional body provision with all executive powers.
The participants expressed their desire to implement a cease-fire.
The participants stressed that Basher Al-Assad and all his supporters are to leave the power with beginning of the transitional period.
The participants expressed their acceptance and support for the role of the United Nations and the international community to supervise the cease-fire, disarmament, peacekeeping, distribution of humanitarian aid, and coordination of reconstruction efforts in Syria.
At the end of the meeting, the participants agree on formation of a supreme body of the negotiations from the Syrian opposition and revolution forces in Riyadh. Its mission is to choose tasks of a negotiating delegation.

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