Deputy Crown Prince: Islamic alliance to fight terrorism will coordinate with important countries in the world and international organizations, and confront any terrorist organization 3 Riyadh

الثلاثاء 1437/3/4 هـ الموافق 2015/12/15 م واس
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The Deputy Crown Prince added: "We have a number of countries suffering from terrorism, including Syria, Iraq, Sinai, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and this requires very strong efforts to fight it. Undoubtedly through this alliance, there will be a coordination to fight it through these efforts."
He went on saying, "We will confine terrorist organizations whatever might be their classification. Of course, in connection with operations in Syria and Iraq, we cannot carry out these operations but only through coordination with the legitimacy in both of them and the international community."
He also asserted that the Islamic military alliance will coordinate with globally important countries and international organizations in this action, pointing out that the alliance will fight terrorism at military, intellectual and media levels, in addition to the remarkable security effort currently existing.
Asked whether the new alliance will confront ISIS terrorist organization only, the Deputy Crown Prince said: "No, but against any terrorist organization emerges before us. We will work and take actions to fight it."

11:14 LOCAL TIME 08:14 GMT