Saudi Exports and Imports Down in November 2 Riyadh

Tuesday 1437/4/9 - 2016/01/19
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The Central Department also pointed out that the rate of the Kingdom's non-oil goods exports to imports (namely, the covering of any non-oil commodity exports for imports) was (31.84%) in November 2015 compared to (31.18%) for the same month 2014, but the rate was high over the month of October 2015, which registered (25.25%).
The monthly report's data revealed that the value of the Kingdom's non-oil commodity exports recorded an increase of (8.6%) compared to October 2015, when recorded (13838) million Riyals as the value of the Kingdom's imports recorded a decrease by (13.86%) compared to the previous month, when recorded (54809) million Riyals.
The CDSI's report noted that the decline in the value of non-petroleum commodity exports in November 2015 compared to the same month of 2015 was due to the decline in most of the main sections of the exported goods, particularly plastics and rubber and its products, which declined by (18.27%) to a total value of (4613) million Riyals.

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