US website: Steam seen at North Korea nuke reprocessing lab

الثلاثاء 1437/6/27 هـ الموافق 2016/04/05 م واس
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WASHINGTON, Jumada II 27, 1437, April 05, 2016, SPA -- A U.S. website says satellite imagery indicates activity at a North Korean laboratory that could separate plutonium for nuclear weapons, according to AP.

The website, 38 North, said Monday that during the past five weeks, exhaust plumes have been seen two or three times at the radiochemical laboratory complex at Nyongbyon (yohng-bee-yohn), which is North Korea's known nuclear facility.

That suggests buildings are being heated, but it's unclear for what activity.

The lab is where North Korea separates weapons-grade plutonium from waste from a nuclear reactor. The North announced in 2013 its intention to refurbish and restart nuclear facilities, including the reactor, which was shut down in 2007.

In February, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress that North Korea could begin recovering material for nuclear weapons in weeks or months.

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