Monitoring Committees Affiliated to Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen Makes Statement on Violations of Ceasefire Agreement

الخميس 1438/1/19 هـ الموافق 2016/10/20 م واس
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Riyadh, Muharram 19, 1438, Oct 20, 2016, SPA -- The Monitoring Committees affiliated to the Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen have announced that more than 43 violations of the ceasefire agreement - which was valid since Wednesday midnight on 18/01/1438H - were committed between the coalition forces and the militias of Houthi and ousted Saleh. These violations were committed along the border between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, particularly in Najran and Jazan Regions, in which snipers and various weapons were used, including missiles and projectiles.
The Coalition Forces also said that the response to the sources of fire was made in accordance with the approved rules of engagement. As the Coalition Forces announces this, it will continue confronting the violations of ceasefire agreement and continue imposing no-fly and no-sail zones as well as air reconnaissance against any movements made by Houthi militias and their supporters, stressing at the same time their commitment to the policy of self-restraint towards these violations.
The Coalition Forces hold the Houthi militias and their supporters the responsibility of disrupting the access of humanitarian aid to the areas besieged by the militias in Yemen. The Coalition Forces will continue committing to the ceasefire agreement.
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