HMS Al-Madinah Docks at Jeddah after Houthi Terrorist Attack (Update)

الأحد 1438/5/8 هـ الموافق 2017/02/05 م واس
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Jeddah, Jumada I 8, 1438, Feb 5, 2017, SPA -- Frigate "Al-Madinah", the warship of His Majesty the King of Saudi Royal Navy Forces has docked at King Faisal Naval Base of the Western fleet in Jeddah after hit last week to a terrorist attack by Houthi militias, while on patrolling to monitor in the southern Red Sea.
The warship has managed to reach Jeddah on schedule, without any delay due to the Houthi terrorist attack.
Upon docking, it was received by Chief of the General Staff, General Abdurrahman bin Saleh Al-Bunyan; Commander of Royal Saudi Navy Forces General Abdullah bin Sultan Al-Sultan; Commander of the Western region; Commander of the Western Fleet and a number of senior naval officers of the Western Fleet.
Then, Chief of the General Staff, General Abdurrahman bin Saleh Al-Bunyan received the warship's crew of officers and non-commissioned officers and conveyed to them the greetings, thanks and appreciation of the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense for their bravery and courage where they were able to deal with the attack, as needed.
He was also briefed by the frigate's Commander on the terrorist attack and how it was countered by its crew members and their application of all means of safety and controlling the fire in a short time.
On his part, the warship's Commander explained that the frigate "Al-Madinah" was not affected by this attack and continued to patrol and monitor in the area of operations and that the frigate's stern was slightly damaged due to the collision of the Houthi terrorist boat.
Moreover, Chief of the General Staff, General Al-Bunyan expressed pride and honor of the Saudi armed forces' participation in the military operations within the alliance to support legitimacy in Yemen, by all its branches, including the frigate which was targeted by the Houthi terrorist attack while on patrolling off coasts surrounding brotherly Yemen so as to protect the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as to ensure the safety of international navigation lines in the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait.
He further said that such incident won't deter the alliance's forces to support legitimacy in Yemen from continuing their military operations to achieve their key objective to help the Yemeni people and legitimate government to restore the legitimate state authority, and protect its resources and capabilities from Houthi coup militias.
He also pointed out that the suicide terrorist attack has reaffirmed the importance of standing up against the Houthi militias which constitute a regional threat, adding that the use of Yemeni Hodeida port which is currently being controlled by Houthi militias to wage terrorist operations is a clear threat to the safety of international navigation lines, in addition to its impact on the flowing of ships of relief, humanitarian and medical aid docking at the port for the benefit of Yemeni citizens.
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