Royal Decree reduces petrol prices in Kingdom

Sunday 1427/4/2 - 2006/04/30
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Riyadh, April 30, SPA-- The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz issued today a royal decree on reducing petrol prices for consumers in the Kingdom to improve the standards of citizens' living.
The reduction will be as follows:
1- 60 halalas per petrol liter instead of 90 halalas including due charges till 10/12/1427H.
2- 60 halalas per /Octane 91/ petrol liter instead of 82 halalas
3- 75 halalas per /octane 95/ petrol liter instead of SR 1 including due charges as of 11/12/1427H
4- 25 halalas per diesel liter instead of 37 halalas
The new amendments are effective from Monday.

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