Al-Naimi Hails King’s Order To Slash Prices of Petrol and Diesel

الاثنين 1427/4/3 هـ الموافق 2006/05/01 م واس
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Riyadh, May 1, SPA -- Minister of Petroleum and Mineral resources Eng Ali Al-Naimi has lauded the order of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to reduce prices of benzene and diesel, and said this development aims at serving the Saudi citizens.
In a statement to The Saudi Press Agency, Al-Naimi said this development will positively contribute to improving the standard of living of the citizens and will also lead to the reduction of transport fares.
"Reduction of prices of diesel will serve farmers notably small farmers and will lead to increase of their profits. Moreover, it will positively contribute to the development of the agricultural sector", he said.
It is worth mentioning that the Royal order stipulates reduction of the price of one liter of benzene from 90 halala to 60 halala, a liter of diesel from 37 halala to 25 halala in addition to the reduction of the liter of benzene (octane 91) to 60 halala from 82 halala as well as the reduction of a liter of benzene (octane 95) to 75 halala from SR 1.02.
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