Al-Sudairi: Saudi Arabia protects human rights in conformity with community’s features, moral and cultural values

Tuesday 1427/6/2 - 2006/06/27
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Cairo, June 27, SPA-- The Chairman of Human Rights Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turki bin Khalid Al-Sudairi has called on a newly elected U.N. Human Rights Council to take the required measures for implementing its decisions to achieve security and stability in the region and protect human rights.
In a telephone call with the Middle East News Agency (MENA) transmitted today, he said that the Kingdom, newly elected to the council by a large majority, feels the needs of the world today to enhance the pillars of international security and peace and to make human race avoid the risks of struggles and disputes.
He emphasized the importance of uniting the sincere international efforts to eradicate poverty, demanding the creation of an appropriate environment that calls for tolerance, justice, equality and renunciation of terrorism. Hunger and poverty have a role in feeding the extremist thought, Al-Sudairi noted.
He pointed out that the Kingdom has given a great significance to strengthen and protect human rights in a way that preserves the societies’ special characteristics and moral and cultural values.
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