Kuwait Transplantation Society lauds Saudi cooperation

الاثنين 1428/7/16 هـ الموافق 2007/07/30 م واس
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Kuwait, July 30, SPA -- The Secretary General of the Kuwaiti Transplantation Society, Salih Al-Yaseen lauded today the current cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the field of organ transplantation.
In a press statement here, Salih Al-Yaseen said that this kind of cooperation will assist in lifting the misery of many of patients who suffer from "End Stage Organ Disease" which normally cause the death of the patients if the organ is not replaced.

"Many patients are waiting in the long list hoping for someone to donate the right and suitable organ."

He added that the road accidents in GCC countries are surging and leading to the death of so many people or to 'Brain Death.'

"These casualties are the source of Organ transplantation in all countries after the patient's written consent from the patient's relatives or considering that the patient is approving the organ transplantation as long he is in territories of specific countries such as Spain whose law states that all citizens and expatriates are organs donors unless they express objection."