Washington statue in Caracas struck with explosives

الأربعاء 1429/2/6 هـ الموافق 2008/02/13 م واس
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Caracas, February 13, SPA -- An explosion device detonated in Caracas'
Washington Square caused damage to the base of the statue to United
States' revolutionary hero and first elected president George
Washington, the police said according to DPA.
The explosion, which did not cause casualties, came at a
particularly tense time in US-Venezuelan relations, and only hours
after Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)
suspended the supply of oil to US oil giant Exxon Mobil.
Caracas police director Antonio Pujols said the blast happened in
the early hours of Wednesday at the square, in the El Paraiso
neighbourhood in the Venezuelan capital.
Pujols added that leaflets were found at the scene in which the
unknown Grupo Venceremos de la Izquierda Central Unida (We Will
Prevail Group of the United Central Left) claimed responsibility for
the attack.