International Islamic Conference for Dialogue 4 Makkah

السبت 1429/6/3 هـ الموافق 2008/06/07 م واس
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The conference called for the unity of the Islamic stance of dialogue through the world body to be assigned for dialogue by Muslim World League. The body should be regarded the coordinating liaison of all dialogue committees and institutions. Muslims should be committed to its strategic vision that emerges from dialogue with others, should focus on the common humanitarian and mutual interests, and should work to achieve peaceful coexistence, justice and social security among peoples of different civilizations and the world.
The conference urged all to benefit from the experience of dialogue conducted by members of the Muslim World League.
The Conference examined the experience of dialogue between Muslims and others over the past five decades, and having looked to the future prospects of dialogue with the followers of various messages, it called for opening channels of communication and dialogue with the followers of divine messages, philosophies and recognized intellectual approaches.

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