International Islamic Conference for Dialogue 5 Makkah

السبت 1429/6/3 هـ الموافق 2008/06/07 م واس
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The participants called for opening an all-track dialogue, with trends affecting the contemporary life including all political, research and academic and media fields, not only religious leaders. Dialogue should also cover those with abusive attitudes to Islam, the statement said.
The conference stressed the need for more dialogue for understanding and compromise formulas to prevent a clash between civilizations, recommending that MWL and other Islamic official and popular organizations, produce information materials in various languages and disseminate them among non-Muslims to refute theories of conflict between civilizations and show the risks that might face humanity due to such thoughts. The conference also called for the convening of an international conference on the dangers of theories of clash of civilizations on world peace and security. Influential religious, cultural, political and academic leaders should be involved in such conference, the statement said.
The conference called on world countries and international institutions, particularly the United Nations, to carry out their duties and confront the culture of hatred between peoples, and to face the corrupt racial and hatred calls.
The Conference called on Muslim countries, where there are non-Muslim majorities or minorities, to forge social dialogue with them.

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