Kidney failure rate declines in comparison with U.S. and Asian countries

الجمعة 1429/6/23 هـ الموافق 2008/06/27 م واس
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Riyadh, June 27, SPA -- The Head of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplant Dr. Faisal Shaheen, who is also Consultant for Internal and Kidney Diseases, said that the rate of kidney failure in Saudi Arabia has dramatically declined compared to American and Asian countries, despite poor culture of organ donation in the Saudi society.
In a press statement, he said 90 to 110 people per million inhabitants in Saudi Arabia contract kidney failure, compared with 250 people per million in the U.S. and about 300 people per million in Asian countries.
He urged for further spreading of the culture of kidney donation in the society, given the legal and medical opinions in this regard.