Top hardline Fatah leader returns from exile to warm welcome

الخميس 1430/8/8 هـ الموافق 2009/07/30 م واس
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Ramallah, July 29, SPA -- A top hardline leader of Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement returned home from exile Wednesday to a warm welcome, according to dpa.
Muhammad Ghneim (also known as Abu Maher Ghneim), 71, one of the
founders of Fatah in the mid 1960s alongside the late Palestinian
leader Yasser Arafat, arrived in Ramallah from Tunisia, after Israel
gave him permission to enter the Palestinian territories following a
personal request from Abbas to Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu.
His arrival marks an important turning point in Fatah politics, as
Ghneim was opposed to the Oslo process and had refused to return home
when Arafat first returned, also from Tunisia, in 1994.