4 killed by flooding in northern Czech Republic

Saturday 1431/8/26 - 2010/08/07
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PRAGUE, Sha'ban 26, 1431H, Aug 7,2010, SPA -- At least four people have been killed by flooding that hit the northern Czech Republic following heavy rains and storms, according to AP.
Lenka Moravcova, a spokeswoman for the regional rescue service, says all the victims were men who drowned in the region on the border with Poland and Germany Saturday. Regional firefighters said in a statement the fourth victim was found drowned late Saturday. Details were not given.
At least a thousand people had to be evacuated, some from areas below two dams threatened by rising waters. People in the towns of Chrastava and Frydlant were rescued by police and military helicopters from the roofs of their homes.
A number of houses, cars and several bridges have been destroyed and thousands of homes were without electricity. Local roads and railway lines, including the major international line connecting Prague and Berlin, were closed as rivers burst their banks.
Prime Minister Petr Necas said in a statement his government was ready to help. Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra and Interior Minister Radek John arrived at the area to help coordinate rescue efforts. Some 700 firefighters who were battling the waters were joined by their German colleagues.
Three summer camps for children have been evacuated.
Meteorologists warned the rains were not expected to stop until Sunday.
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