Security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior makes statement

Saturday 1432/1/19 - 2010/12/25
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Riyadh, 18 Muharram 1432 H. / 24 December 2010, SPA -- A Security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior disclosed that "during a routine patrol checking of a passenger car carrying a man and a woman at Al-Muthallath check point at Wadi Al-Dawasser Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today and following the request of their identification cards, the man disguised in the uniform of women stepped out of the car and fired at the duty security men at the site who dealt with the case accordingly, killing him and arresting the other.
No security man was hurt, thanks to Allah Almighty, the spokesman said.
He added that immediate investigation into the incident was opened. A supplementary statement will be issued as soon as more details were available, the spokesman concluded.
-- SPA
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