Further Health-relating Precautionary Measurements, including No-admission, No-entry, for 24h Curfew, in Jeddah from 03pm, Today

Saturday 1441/8/11 - 2020/04/04
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Jeddah, Apr 4, 2020, SPA -- In light of recommendations submitted by the pertinent authorities to corroborate precautionary procedures and measurements to fight novel Coronavirus spread, in the Kingdom, and to maintain the safety and health of nationals as well as residents, an official source at the Ministry of Interior announced the following:
First: Further health-relating precautionary measurements to be implemented, in various quarters, in Jeddah Governorate, through isolating them, imposing curfew there and with neither entry nor exit from them, around the clock (24h), starting from 03pm (15) after-noon of today, corresponding to Saturday April 4, till further notice.
Second: Dwellers of these quarters shall be allowed to go out for securing their necessary needs, such as food stock and medical care, within the isolation area, and the time-span ranging from 06am to 03pm.
Third: All licensed activities shall be led as usual, during the curfew, in all aforementioned quarters, however, in the least possible limits and in accordance with the measurements and safeguards stipulated by the pertaining authority.
The ministry as it announces such an statement, it asserts that these steps have been taken within the context of the Kingdom to preserve the public hygiene, in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and that the latest measurement is subject to ongoing assessment with concerned departments. Henceforth, it exhorts the each individual among the public to shoulder his responsibility through commitment and abiding by the isolation procedures, to realize the public interest.
-- SPA
16:03 LOCAL TIME 13:03 GMT