HRH Crown Prince Launches Aseer Region Development Strategy

Tuesday 1443/2/21 - 2021/09/28
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Abha, September 28, 2021, SPA -- His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, launched the Strategy for the Development of the Aseer Region under the theme of "The Arabian Highland". The strategy's objective is to achieve a comprehensive, unprecedented and sustainable growth for the region through an investment of 50 billion Saudi Riyals to finance major vital projects from different sources and develop tourism attractions on and around the peaks of the Aseer mountains, turning the region into an all-year-round world destination. The region will rely on the beauty of its nature and its rich culture which combines authenticity and modernity. The strategy will also contribute to the social and economic prosperity of the region.
His Royal Highness announced that the strategy seeks to make of the Aseer region by 2030 a year round world tourist destination catering for more than 10 million visitors from inside and outside the kingdom. He added that the strategy is underpinned by the natural assets of the region. These assets will be utilized, he added, through major tourist projects that will highlight the region's high mountain peaks as well as its geographic and natural varieties and reveal the richness of its cultural heritage.
HRH Crown Prince highlighted that the Aseer Strategy seeks to attract local and international investments, which will contribute to producing effective and sustainable economic growth through a facilitating package of comprehensive administrative measures that will reinforce the role of tourism and culture as major economic development mechanisms in Aseer.
His Royal Highness asserted that the implementation of the strategy will contribute by 2030 to providing new job opportunities in addition to raising the quality of life and to improving the region's basic services and infrastructure, including communication, healthcare, transport, and other citizen empowering services and facilities.
On this occasion, Prince Turki Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of Aseer Development Authority, conveyed his highest expressions of gratitude and recognition to HRH the Crown Prince for his constant support and deep interest in the Aseer region and its people. Prince Turki Bin Talal's address came following His Royal Highnesses' launching of the Aseer Development Strategy with the objective of achieving comprehensive growth and prosperity for the region, and its people by improving their living standards, developing the region's infrastructure and services, attracting investment, and ensuring sustained social and economic progress.
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