Arab Parliament Condemns Houthi Militia Crimes Against Saudi Arabia

Monday 1443/3/12 - 2021/10/18
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Cairo, October 18, 2021, SPA -- The Arab Parliament has condemned the repeated terrorist Houthi militia's attacks against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by using bomb-laden drones as well as the repeated targeting of Abha International Airport and civilian objects and economic facilities, which all represent a flagrant violation of international security and safety.
In a statement issued on Sunday, the parliament stressed its full solidarity and support for Saudi Arabia in all measures it takes to preserve its territories and protect its citizens and residents.
The parliament also called on the international community and Security Council to pressure the Houthi militia to allow maintaining FSO Safer.
The parliament stressed the necessity of implementing all the requirements of Riyadh Agreement, which is an important step for Yemen's unity, reiterating support for the Kingdom's initiative that aims to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen.
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