FII Reconsiders Infrastructure Establishment Logistics

Wednesday 1443/3/21 - 2021/10/27
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Riyadh, Oct 27, 2021, SPA -- A session titled “Reconsidering Logistics of Establishing Infrastructure”, which was held as part of Riyadh-based Future Investment Initiative (FII) discussed the increasing pressures of technologies in general and working to develop them further to be sustainable for all businesses, whether at administrative or commercial systems.
The session – which saw the participation of STC CEO Olayan Mohammed Al-Wetaid, Egis Group CEO Laurent Germain and several owners of global companies – also discussed means to find a way that does not use carbon and relies on clean and renewable energy to preserve environmental and human safety, avoid damage to the climate, create a good infrastructure for logistics and develop clean projects, such as the Red Sea Project implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Participants pointed out that using the solar energy is of big benefits to many countries that should utilize this energy to reduce carbon emissions, preserve environmental and human safety, and increase reliance on e-vehicles, especially that these aspects are related to the future and their utilization is the best for all cities that will eventually become smart cities, and will also support human investment and provide several jobs.
20:36 LOCAL TIME 17:36 GMT