Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen calls on all parties in Aden to immediately stop all clashes, confirms it will take all necessary measures to restore security, stability in Aden

Tuesday 1439/5/13 - 2018/01/30
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Riyadh, Jumada I 13, 1439, January 30, 2018, SPA -- The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced that, supplementing the statement issued on 10/5/1439 H on the events taking place in the city of Aden and the consequent disruption of security and stability and the fall of a number of civilian casualties,
the coalition has been watching with regret all over the past two days that all parties have not responded to the calls for calm from the coalition in this regard, and therefore the coalition again requests all parties to speed up the cessation of all clashes immediately and the end of all armed manifestations and the coalition confirms that the it will take all necessary measures to restore security and stability in Aden.
The coalition also calls on all components of the Yemeni people to focus on the basic goals, foremost of which are restoring legitimacy, protecting the components of the state, restoring security and stability and resolving all issues through the available political mechanisms and the three references.
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