Arab Coalition Spokesman: Hard evidence shows Iran providing supply of missiles to Al-Houthis 2 Riyadh

Thursday 1439/7/12 - 2018/03/29
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Col. Al-Malki also cited that the US, Australian and French Navy forces have already intercepted a number of ships loaded with weapons while heading to Yemen, which proves the Iranian regime's violation of UN resolutions 2216 and 2231.
In response to a question on the kingdom's purchase of US weapons, he said that "We use these weapons to defend our country and counter Al-Houthi terrorism to maintain the security of the region from Iran's ambitions" stressing that the Kingdom has the right to respond in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance to UN resolutions and international laws against threatening its security by the missiles being launched by Iranian-backed Al-Houthis towards Saudi cities.
Col. Al-Malki also stressed that the Coalition being led by the Kingdom is not looking for a strategy to get out of Yemen and that this war was not an option as the military intervention came as a response to the request of President Abdu Rabbo Mansur Hadi, reiterating that the goal of military operations is clear, to restore the Yemeni legitimate government recognized by the international community.
He also stressed that the Coalition has a clear strategy to achieve its strategic goal, but it is important to take into consideration that the war in Yemen is not against an official army but a terrorist militia and that the restore of the legitimate government in Yemen is not only the responsibility of the Kingdom but also the responsibility of the international community.
Colonel Turki al-Maliki also confirmed the possibility of reaching a political solution based on UN resolutions, but based on UN Security Council Resolution 2140, Al-Houthi obstructs the political solution.
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